Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life drawing week 20

Here are my drawings for this week, I have been pretty good and attended monday, wednesday and friday class.

 I should sharpen my pencils. I should sharpen my pencils. I should sharpen my pencils. I should sharpen my pencils. I should sharpen my pencils..... ;-)

 I also started using a 2mm mechanical pencil as recommended by Proko. Amazon had a discount this week so I couldn't resist.

This was supposed to be a 15 minutes pose but Adrian our host came back from the kitchen after 5 minutes and told us there was only 1 minute left ;-) I didn't frame that one very well so it is good I didn't have time to finish it

And for the first time I also started using a Conté charcoal, also recommended by Proko but I had no idea how to use it. I think the paper's grain was a bit too heavy. I normally work with newsprint but ran out of paper and my favourite store in Soho just closed down.

This was a 50 minutes pose but one model moves after 25 minutes. Couldn't get the woman on time before she moved to the bottom right of the drawing.

and here is what the monday class looks like. It was pretty quiet that day, probably because of the rain. If you look really carefully you might be able to find me and yes I am dressed up ;-)

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