Thursday, 10 July 2014


Since most of the cool kids use Instagram those days, I have decided to also create a profile page which I will mostly use as some sort of Porfolio showcasing my best work and occasional pictures.

I will keep Blogger and Painting with a Moustache to discuss techniques and findings and post even my crappiest drawings just so people starting in Life Drawing don't feel bad and stay motivated while gaining experience.

As I am implying on the Instagram headline, I am indeed spending the next 2 weeks in Paris to immerse myself in French culture and do a lot of sketching.... provided the weather gets a bit better ;-)

Life Drawing will therefore be on hold for the moment. It probably wasn't the best timing as I felt my life drawing had reached a new level last week thanks to the discovery of a new tool called the Carré Conté which I will talk about more in my next post.


Matt Jones, one minute poses

Matt Jones just posted a great video showing how he goes about drawing one minute poses. This seems so effortless and he even seems to be taking his time!!!

Right, I think I need to train a bit harder on those short poses and maybe do a whole hour of one minute poses.

Via Matt Jones

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Life drawing June 2014

So..... I have been pretty busy this month. One big change was the switch from Mars Staedler Graphite to Conté Pierre Noire charcoal. The Conté gives some really dark blacks but similarly to the Staedler Mars 7and 8B you can't really erase it so you need to be really confident in your work.

It is great on Newsprint paper though especially to quickly darken backgrounds which I might have overdone.

The three following drawings were done at the Candid Art drop in class in Angel at lunch. Since I have some time off, I have decided to attend as many life drawing classes as possible.

This was a friday long pose class. I still can't pick the right colours but I still feel I am progressing.

I keep practicing sketching once in a while and always have a sketchbook handy.
Starbucks patrons