Tuesday, 5 February 2019

History of brushstrokes

Great video essay on the history of brushstrokes retracing the changes from the fast drying egg tempera technique requiring multiple layers of paint usually applied in cross hatching to obtain a soft look to bolder techniques with the adoption of slower drying oil starting with Titian and the use of dabbing, scraping, smoothing, scumbling and impasto painting.

The artists highlighted are :
- Jan Van Eyck
- Da Vinci and the Sfumato technique
- Titian
- El Greco and the use of hog hair bristle brushes to achieve bolder brushstrokes and palette knives and a comparison with Caraggio
- Rubens
- Velasquez and Hals
- Rembrandt
- Van Ruisdael
- Constable
- Turner

In the second part we are looking at the work of :
- Corot
- Manet
- Renoir
- Cezanne
- Seurat
- Van Gogh
- Gaugin and Cloisinism (outlines)

Part 3 will cover Sargeant and abstract contemporary artists:

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