Saturday, 8 February 2014

Hello world!

Animation and Painting share an incredible amount of similarities.

I understand people starting in animation might not be interested in Painting immediately so this is why I am creating a new blog that will be dedicated to, you guessed it, Painting and Sketching! Animation with a Moustache will remain an Animation Website.

This first post will be a random one just to get the ball rolling. I am not an expert in painting or sketching but by centralizing and editing related informations, I am hoping to gain a stronger knowledge in that field and it should also prove useful to other people in the same learning path.

I have been privileged to attend Nathan Fowkes' Schoolism "Designing with color and light" class and I learnt a ton with him.

One of the most important concept he taught us was Value.

I can't share any of the material Nathan showed us but if you want to learn more about Value, here is a cool series of video by Chris Legaspi I just found. Chris even posted crits of subscribers at the very end so this is really really interesting. Here they are.

The following one is a good one. The Rembrandt studies are pretty straighforward but the Zorn painting was a tough one for me I must admit, I would have never blended so many areas myself but this is what this painting is about, subtle value changes. Most of the tone changes on the shoulder remains in the same value which is really difficult to grasp when you first get into that kind of exercise.

I like how bold Chris is with his corrections but I do agree that most of the "students" have way too much detail.

That's it for now, oh ok no, I think I should add an other random video which I will repost in a more appropriate section at some stage.

I have been drawing with random pencils for the past few years which all helped but I wish I had come across Proko's video first. Now I fully understand what does what. Oh and since I just got told this, the difference between the regular Staedler pencils and the Mars series is the strength of the leads. The Mars ones can be sharpened with a knife (great for life drawing) where the regular ones would break too easily.

Alright a very last one as parting gift since I discussed it at work yesterday. This is to illustrate how much the surrounding colors/values can influence the perception of a color. A and B are exactly the same value but because of the surrounding values, we interpret them differently. This is why you should always paint the background when painting a portrait for example.

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