Wednesday, 19 February 2014

John Nevarez Schoolism interview

I was about to post this on Animation with a moustache then realised this definitely belonged to Painting with a moustache.

Bobby Chiu just interviewed the great John Nevarez for Schoolism. I am a really big fan of John Nevarez's blog as he regularly posts long lists of interesting blogs but mostly because his work really resonates with me.

Hearing that he was mainly a story guy originally does make a lot of sense now.

His design skills are top notch and his dramatic use of values definitely brings his work to a whole new level in term of storytelling.

Don't waste any time, check out his interview and take notes of his top portfolio tips.

Ah he released a great design video a while back which was a real eye opener for me. The link on his blog is dead but I am hopeful he will release an entire new course for Schoolism very soon.

One more side note, John Nevarez is also the Unofficial Paul Felix blog creator.

John Nevarez Interview from Imaginism Studios Inc. on Vimeo.

via Schoolism

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