Thursday, 12 June 2014

Learning how to paint Alla Prima

I have been trying to learn how to paint Alla Prima (in one sitting) for the past few month and even if the result is pretty bad, I feel I am discovering new things every week and gradually progressing.

It is all rubbish but hopefully you can learn something from it.

First painting was so bad I eventually used it as a palette to mix my colours ;-)

Second painting I had no clue how to mix my colours or even match the skin of the model, let alone the facial features ;-) This painting was probably my first one actually.

Third one got a bit better but I wanted to be a bit too fancy and stylise the colours to have cold hues in the shadows and warm ones in the light..... way too advanced concepts for me ;-)

Fourth one is getting better with colours matching, model is still a bit too pink

Fifth one. Now we are finally getting somewhere. The colours were still really hard to match but I was finally having a bit of fun. Notice the underdrawing . This is the way I work at the moment. Working in that manner allows for a semi finished drawing, even if not all the areas are finished. Pros don't do it but I am no pro ;-)

Week 6. Unfortunately it wasn't one model but two we have had this week so things got a lot more complicated. I should have stuck with just one model but I loved the design of the scene. This time was an eye opener. It is common sense but it had never occured to me that I should use white as my main paint and only add a tiny bit of colours to it. Underdrawing done in 30 minutes, painting in 1h

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