Sunday, 8 June 2014

Life drawing week 22

That's it, this week I switched from graphite to charcoal pencils. I admit I am going a bit overboard with the blacks but it is so pleasant to have so many values to play with.

Wednesday class, the model posed with her baby which was really good but it made me realize I have no clue how to draw babies and eventually stuck to drawing the model instead.

Friday class was really good. The model was great and he came with his own props!!!!

This time, instead of speeding up to finish the overal body for the quick poses, I decided I would start with one part of the body, do as much details as possible and make my way down until I ran out of time. It worked out really well for me. It is a lot of fun as you need to keep paying attention to negative space, angles and distances.

One downside to the pencils I use is the fact that they are really difficult to erase. Maybe I should use the HB version rather than the 2b.. If it happens it is less greasy.

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