Saturday, 2 August 2014

Toby Mulligan - one minute demos with two hands

Dear readers, sorry I failed you. It appears that I didn't respect my promises!!!

In my last post about Instagram, I said I would keep posting in here but instead, for the past few weeks, I spent most of my time posting on ... Instagram!

What Instagram lacks in traffic tracking or flicking ability, it makes it up with the rewarding experience of having random users from all sort of background/industry liking your work. Ok it is still the honey moon period and I might end up hating Instagram in few month but for now, I am really enjoying it.

Having said that, Blogger remains the best place to post interesting links so here is a great video and article I just found in the CassArt newsletter few days ago.

Check out that really cool video where 2012 BP Award selected artist, Toby Mulligan, shares with us his process when drawing 1 minute poses using all sorts of medium with both, left and right hands!!!

Great Toby Mulligan demo and interview:

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